Dinner/Lunch Menu

yook ge jang

*Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy


Entrees -All entrees come with a bowl of rice, vegetable side dishes

Appetizers & Soups

*Some items are served raw. Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of forborne illness, especially if you have a certain medical condition.

Miso soup 미소국    3.95

           Tofu seaweed and scallions in a soy-based soup

Dumpling Soup 만두국    7.95

           Chicken broth with hand-made dumpling

Beef soup 소고기국 7.95

           Beef broth with radish, soybean, flour, and scallions

Wakame soup  미역국   7.95

          Beef and seaweed in a light beef broth

Edamame  풋 콩     8.95

          Lightly salted boiled soybean pods.

Gyoza  군만두    12.95                                                                                                                             

          Beef or vegetable dumplings (Offered steamed or pan-fried)  with a soy dipping sauce.

Shumi  새우만두   12.95

          Steamed round shrimp dumplings, served with a soy dipping sauce

Steam Tofu  찜두부    10.95

Chicken Wings Korean Style 닭튀김   12.95

          Steamed tofu with chopped scallion and nori sauce                                                     

         Chicken wings with Korean spicy sauce

Octopus or Squid 낙지 / 오징어      14.95

          Steamed with spicy red pepper sauce

Korean Pancake 닭,야채,해물전    14.95

          Choice of pork, kimchee, vegetable, or seafood pancake

Duk Bok Ki 떡뽁이   13.95

          Rice-cake sticks with vegetable in spicy red pepper sauce

Korean special salad 야채살라드   10.95

Korean Grille Salads

         Assorted vegetable mixed with fruit

Seaweed salad 미역살라드    7.95

          Japanese seaweed served with sesame dressing

Garden Salad 정원살라드      10.95

          Mixed greens with house ginger dressing


Korean Kalbi 갈비     26.95

           Sliced short premium ribs marinated in seasoned say sauce

Korean Bulgoki 불고기   23.95

           Thinly sliced beef marinated in seasoned soy sauce

Asian style Ribeye Steak  동양 스테이크      Market Price


Vegetable Bokeum 야채볶음    15.95

          Assorted vegetables, rice with pepper sauce

Tofu Bokeum 두부볶음           15.95

          Assorted vegetables with rice


Chicken Bulgoki 닭불고기      19.95

          Marinated chicken thigh with soy sauce and 

Chicken Bokeum 닭볶음         19.95

          Spicy chicken stir-fried with scallion, onions, and pepper

Chicken Doritang 닭도리탕 ( comes wtih two orders)     29.95

          Chopped chicken with assorted vegetables in a spicy red sauce


Tofu Kimchee Je Yook 두부김치제육볶음    19.95

           Kimchee & Pork Stir Fried with Vegetables

Pork Belly (comes with two orders) 삼겹살         39.95

            Thinly sliced pork belly served with salted sesame oil

Asian Pork chop 동양돼지스테이크    Market Price

           Pomegranate sauce with thinly sliced vegetables

Pork Bulgoki  돼지불고기      22.95

          Spicy sliced pork, with Stir-fried Vegetables


Squid Bokeum 오징어볶음       22.95

           Spicy squid stir-fried with scallion, onions, carrots, and pepper

Octopus Bokeum낙지볶음       24.95

           Stir-fried spicy baby octopus, assorted vegetables with noodles

Salmon Teriyaki 연어테리야끼    24.95

           Grilled salmon served with teriyaki sauce, broccoli, and pineapples

Bibim bop 비빔밥    15.95

            Bulgoki thinly sliced beef and vegetables over rice

Bokembop 볶음밥      15.95

            Choice of beef, pork, chicken or kimchee lightly sautéed with sesame oil

Dolsot Bibmbop 돌솟비빔밥       16.95

            Choice of kimchee , beef , chicken, seafood, tofu, or tofu bibimbop

             Served in a hot sizzling stone pot 


Udon Soup  우동     15.95

          Choice of Beef, chicken, or seafood served with vegetables

Japchae 잡채          19.95

          Clear sweet potato noodles with beef, chicken or seafood with assorted vegetables

Maeng Myum 냉면   19.95

          Cold buckwheat noodles in ice-cold beef broth

Yaki Soba  야끼소바   19.95

          Beef, chicken, or seafood stir-fried with vegetables and thin egg noodles

Bibim Naeng Myun 비빔냉면    22.95

          Buckwheat noodles, mixed assorted summer vegetables, and boiled egg with chili paste sauc

Entree Soups

 Soon Tofu Ji Gae  순두부찌개   16.95

           Beef, pork or seafood with vegetables in spicy tofu pudding soup

Don Jang Ji Gae    된장찌개       16.95

           Beef, pork or seafood with vegetables in a soybean-based stew

Tofu Ji Gae    두부찌개               16.95

           Spicy tofu, pork and vegetable soup

           Spicy kimchee, tofu, pork, and vegetable soup

Yook Ge Jang  육개장    17.95

            Tender beef, vegetable, and egg simmered in a spicy beef broth

Dumpling Rice Cake soup 만두국    19.95

           Beef dumpling and thinly sliced rice-cake soup

Squid Tang 오징어탕      17.95

           Spicy squid, tofu, and vegetable soup

Spicy Codfish Tang 대구탕    17.95

           Cod fish, clams, tofu and vegetables in a seafood broth

Kal Bi Tang 갈비탕   19.95

          Tender short ribs, radish, and egg in beef broth

Lunch: Monday through Friday 11:30am – 3:00 pm  (Except holidays)

Lunch box specials


 Noodle dishes- Lunch Specials (includes side dishes)

Potato Flour Ball Myun 감자면     14.95

            Noodle soup served with potato, flour ball, and chicken

Cheese Myun  치즈면   14.95

           Yellow noodles soup served with beef broth topped with cheese

Miso Pork Myun  미소면     14.95

           Yellow noodles served with miso broth, topped with sliced pork

Kimchee Myun  김치면   14.95

           Yellow noodles soup served beef broth, with kimchee and beef

Seafood Myun  해물면   15.95

           Yellow noodles soup served with squid, shrimp, clam, and vegetables

Duk Bok Ki  떡뽁이        14.95

            Rice cake sticks with vegetable in spicy red pepper sauce

Kimchi Ji Gae  김치찌개   14.95

           A spicy stew of kimchee, pork, scallions and tofu

DuenJang Ji Gae 된장찌개   14.95

            Beef, pork, or seafood vegetables in a soybean paste based stew

Soft Tofu Ji Gae 순두부찌개    14.95

            Beef, pork, or seafood vegetables in a soybean paste based stew

Chopcha  잡채    17.95

            Beef or chicken with clear noodles stir-fried with vegetables